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Welcome to a live webinar 2/10

How can we recycle sewage sludge? How can we recover valuable nutrients like phosphorus? How can we lower CO2 emissions and make concrete more sustainable?

26 Aug 2020

We will present a project that can help to solve these issues to create a more sustainable future by recycling sewage sludge ash. The project involves the Ash2Phos process that maximises recycling of phosphorus, separates hazardous substances, and produces a silica sand suitable for sustainable concrete. 

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Friday 2nd of October 09.00 -11.00 

Moderator: Pär Larshans, Sustainability Director, Ragn-Sells Group


Dines Thorberg, BIOFOS
BIOFOS, Denmark's largest wastewater company, will give a presentation on how the sewage sludge converts into a raw material for the Ash2Phos technology.
Dr. Yariv Cohen, EasyMining
EasyMining, an innovation company dedicated to closing nutrient cycles, will present how the Ash2Phos technology recovers phosphorus and produces silica sand from sewage sludge ash.
Professor, Lisbeth M. Ottosen, Technical University of Denmark
DTU, expert on materials and durability, will present the results from testing of silica sand used as either sand or cement replacement in sustainable concrete.
Katrine Orland Led, Ramboll
Ramboll will present the market analysis giving the view on how the value chain can cooperate to lower CO2 emissions and make concrete more sustainable