Progress and results of the RE-Fertilize project


A nitrogen removal and recovery project

Progress and results

We are taking small steps forward in the project every day. Below you find a summary of what has happened every six month and also a short up-date when important milestones are reached.

August 2021

The steel structure for the first module is now ready to insert equipment within, great to see the progress! We are now in the planning for the demonstration runs, schedule to start late quarter four 2021 at Ragn-Sells’ landfill Högbytorp outside Bro.

In the important work of creating a circular economy for nutrients we have published an article demanding quotas for recycled nutrients within fertilizers. It is not enough to create supply, there also must be a demand! 

June 2021

The project is getting closer to the finalization of the detail engineering for the demonstration plant, and the fabrication of the steel structure has started. We are exciting to enter the next phase, Construction and Installation, in the project.

Besides building the demonstration plant to prove the process, it is important for the project to have inform, influence and have a dialogue with policymakers and politicians. One of the things we have done within this area is the last months is to publish an article of our view to see wastewater treatment plants as resource plants – since they are a great source of important nutrients for the society. Please read (and share if you agree) our important message! 


March 2021

We have now contracted the supplier for fabricating our demonstration plant. This will be done by Enerco Industrial Projects in Horndal.

The detail engineering is progressing, and we are happy to be able to start the discussion between the engineering firm and the fabrication firm.


February 2021

Detail engineering for the demonstration modules has started! We are very excited to see the engineering for the modules entering the next phase.

The contracted firm for the detail engineering is COWI Engineering, the team working with this contract is based in COWIs Gothenburg office.


December 2020 

During the second half of 2020 the basic engineering for the demonstration plant was finished, and the procurement of a supplier for the detail engineering started (to be finalized in January 2021). The progress of the product has been according to the revised plan, which is satisfying.

When it comes to the nitrogen product produced in the process a market analysis has been conducted and in quarter four the work with the test schedule for the product has been ramped up.

During the year the project has been highlighted on several webinars and session, such as EAT@Home side session – focusing on the constraints in the EU fertilizer legislations for recirculated products, breakfast seminar at Västsvenska Kemi- och Materialklustret (in Swedish) and Linneaus Eco-Tech. We have also faced large interest from various actors in the wastewater treatment sector for the project, which is very inspiring!


June 2020

During the first six months of 2020 we have started with the basic engineering for the demonstration plant. Due to the covid-19-pandemy we have however not been able to finish the last step of equipment testing, which is needed in order to finalise the process optimisation and basic engineering.

Our R&D-team has during the spring come up with a process change, which is a huge improvement of the process. The steering group has decided to include the process change in the project due to the significant improvement of the process.

The work with planning for product evaluation has been initiated.

Pictures from the lab (swipe left): Carl-Johan Högberg, Chemical Process Development Engineer, Emeilie Nordström, Lab Technician and Christian Tunsu, Chemical Process Development Engineer at EasyMining. 


December 2019

During the autumn the project has started and we are working on the process optimisation. Simultaneously with the process optimisation the work with deciding on localisation at each demonstration site and investigation of permits needed are conducted.

Monthly meetings with the two site for the demonstration and the process optimisation team are up and running.

We are so excited to be started!