RE-Fertilize - recovering nitrogen

The current linear flow of nitrogen is greatly affecting our society today. Both the manufacturing of mineral nitrogen fertilisers and the biological methods for nitrogen removal in waste streams consume large amounts of energy and chemicals. It also leads to emission of greenhouse gases and ammonia, which causes acidification and eutrophication. In RE-Fertilize we are making the linear flow of nitrogen circular and sustainable.

The RE-Fertilize project is financed by the EU LIFE programme. Project number LIFE18 ENV/SE/000265


Removing nitrogen from sewage water

In Sweden, large portions of the coast towns are required to remove nitrogen from their sewage water. In order to combat eutrophication, the levels of nitrogen allowed in water passing from a treatment facility are subject to regulation. The nitrogen removal methods most commonly used today focus only on reducing nitrogen in release water, not on capturing the nutrient for use as an agricultural fertiliser component.


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