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Webinar: Improving sustainability of livestock production

Welcome to a live webinar moderated by Nick Nuttall that will focus on how recycled phosphorus can work as a feed phosphate and the legal barriers to reach the market. Results from digestibility on pig and poultry using a recovered feed phosphate will be presented, and a panel of politicians is ready to discuss the opportunities and obstacles that recycled nutrients are facing.

More efficient use of resources will be key in the EUs Circular Economy Action Plan. Animal feed and feed additive have an important role to play and have great potential in being part of the transition to a circular economy. With the problem of mineable phosphate rock being non-renewable, and the vital importance of Phosphorus in our society, recycling of Phosphorus will be an inevitable part of our future society.

3 February 2022, 13.00-14.30 CET


Nick Nuttall, Strategic Communications Director for WeDontHaveTime and former Director of Communications and Outreach and Spokesperson for the UN Environment  
Co-host: Pär Larshans, Sustainability Manager, Ragn-Sells


The potential of recycled resources from the wastewater sector, with Ludwig Hermann, Senior advisor Proman Consulting
Making phosphorus recovery happen in Germany, with Martin Braunersreuther, Head of Sales – industry services, Gelsenwasser
From sewage sludge ash to a recovered feed phosphate, with Yariv Cohen, R&D Manager EasyMining 
Digestibility results from tests with a recovered feed phosphate, with Magdalena Åkerfeldt, Associate Professor SLU, Department of Animal Nutrition and Management
Quality before origin; legislative barriers, with Sara Stiernström, Product Manager EasyMining
Market potentials for sustainable products, with Kerstin Sigfridson, Pig Nutrition and Feed optimization, Lantmännen

Panel participants

Magnus Ek,  Member of the Swedish Parliament (Centre Party) 
Marcus Selin, Member of the Swedish Parliament (Social Democratic Party) 
Anders Wijkman, Former member of the European parliament, honorary chairman of Club of Rome and Chairman of Circular Sweden

If you are unable to particpate, make sure to register and we will send you a link with the recording afterwards.


Contact person for the event:

Sara Stiernström, Product Manager EasyMining 

+46 (0)70 927 28 85 sara.stiernstrom@easymining.se