(From left) Mark Boers, Lead Mechanical Engineer and David Nordberg, Senior Process Engineer at EasyMining.
(From left) Mark Boers, Lead Mechanical Engineer and David Nordberg, Senior Process Engineer at EasyMining.

EasyMining is hiring multiple important roles

EasyMining is in an expansive phase and is searching for several colleagues in different areas. The employees David Nordberg and Mark Boers, both engineers at EasyMining, and Sara Stiernström product manager, explain what it is like to work in an innovation company that supports society with important technologies creating circularity.

20 May 2021

EasyMining develops processes that enable extraction and recycling of important materials from society's waste. The company is growing rapidly and now wants to welcome six new colleagues, ready to contribute to society's circular development.

The vacancies being advertised are two engineers, one senior project manager, two commercial business developer and a nutrient specialist.

– To be involved in developing new processes in an innovation company and to contribute to reduce the extraction of nature's raw materials is extremely encouraging. It is essential for us to reduce our need of virgin raw materials and instead make use of already existing urban recourses, says David Nordberg, Senior Process Engineer.

– It’s now the company really starts to form in all parts and to be part of that journey is a great benefit, says Mark Boers, Lead Mechanical Engineer.  

New exciting phase

EasyMining is constantly working on new ideas and has several pilot studies, most of which have become new projects. The company is right now in a new exciting phase where the first technologies are being commercialized, which creates a demand for new positions, such commercial business developers.

– All positions will be important key people and crucial for the development of our technologies and products, says Sara Stiernström, Product Manager.

In the end, our solutions enable us to support society and prevent the depletion of the earth's resources.

Sara Stiernstöm, Product Manager at EasyMining

– It is challenging and fun to work with recycled product from new innovations. The development goes towards a circular economy and in the future, there will definitely be a large development market for recycled products and processes says Sara Stiernström, Product Manager. 

EasyMining is located in Gothenburg, Uppsala and Berlin. The positions are stationed at different locations. 

Read about the positions and apply here: 

Process Engineer, Gothenburg

Mechanical Engineer, Gothenburg

Senior Project Manager, Gothenburg

Commercial Business Developer, Berlin

Commercial Nutrient Market and Application Specialist, Sweden

Commercial Business Developer, Sweden