Our three technologies

 Patented process that recover clean phosphorus products from sewage sludge ash
Extract > 90% of the phosphorus to nearly cadmium free MAP/DCP and produce Fe & Al precipitation chemicals
An economical feasible mass balance
Reduce the carbon footprint compared to mined phosphate production
 Patented process that renders entire phosphorus plant sections to be unnecessary in MAP production
Separate phosphate from water through ion sorption instead of energy demanding evaporation
Reduce the operational cost by reducing energy consumption and by making some plant sections unnecessary
Remove impurities such as cadmium, uranium, fluorine in the MAP and lower energy consumption
 Patented process that recover clean commercial salts from fly ash
Extract fly ash's chloride content and use it to produce commercial NaCl, KCl, and CaCl2
The fly ash residue is considered less hazardous after the process, which drastically reduce the management cost
No risk for the fly-ash's chloride content to leach to the nature, and less salts needs to be mined


February 20, 2014

Ny metod för utvinning av fosfor

Ragn-Sells presenterar en metod att utvinna ren fosfor ur askan vid förbränning av slam från reningsverk och träflis
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May 11, 2013

Bränt slam blir till fullvärdig fosfor

Ur askan av det förbrända avloppsslammet kommer fullvärdig fosfor som kan användas i konstgödsel. Om tre år ska det ligga 100 000 ton aska redo för storskalig produktion. Eldningen i svenska värmeverk har redan inletts.
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