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November 8, 2018

EasyMining starts up an office in Gothenburg and welcomes a new team member

From the first of November has EasyMining an office in Gothenburg. The R&D department will continue to be in Uppsala,...
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Oktober 22, 2018

A new resource strengthens EasyMining’s chemical development team

We are happy to welcome Hugo Royen to Easymining's team in Uppsala. He has a chemical background and will initially...
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Oktober 3, 2018

Ragn-Sells and Gelsenwasser enter partnership on phosphorus recovery in Germany

EasyMining, a subsidiary of the Swedish environmental company Ragn-Sells, has signed a letter of intent with the German utilities company...
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Juli 27, 2018

Ragnsells’ CEO talks about EasyMining’s Ash2Phos technology in the UN

Our mother-company Ragnsells was invited to talk about the need of a sustainable phosphorus management at the SDG Business Forum...
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Juli 4, 2018

EasyMining and LKAB starts a collaboration project to produce strategic minerals

EasyMining and LKAB announces a collaboration project to produce strategic minerals, such as, phosphorus fertilizers and rare earth metals from...
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Juni 21, 2018

EasyMining has purchased basic engineering for our Ash2Phos process from our engineering partner COWI

In the beginning of August of 2018 will COWI initiate their work on a basic engineering for EasyMining's first Ash2phos...
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Juni 13, 2018

EasyMining participated in European Sustainable Phosphorus Conference 3

EasyMining was a proud sponsor of European Sustainable Phosphorus Conference 3 at Helsinki, Finland, in the beginning of June. You...
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Mai 21, 2018

Second pilot of the Ash2Phos process has been performed during May

Easymining has performed our second pilot run during May. The aim of the pilot was to optimize equipment selection for...
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Mai 7, 2018

Two new resources further strengthens Easymining’s chemical engineering team

We are happy to welcome Viktora Westlund and Carl-Johan Högberg to the Easymining team. Both has a chemical background and...
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April 20, 2018

Easymining presented our Ash2Phos technology at IWA Sweden seminar in Malmö

Easymining's inventor Yariv Cohen presented our progress with the Ash2Phos technoloigy at IWA Sweden seminar the 11 of April in...
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April 5, 2018

Successful pilot runs of the Ash2Phos process in Helsingborg

Easymining has during March performed our first large-scale pilot run of the Ash2Phos process in Helsingborg, Sweden. The run went...
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März 1, 2018

We welcome a new member of the Easymining Team

Michael received a PhD in organic Chemistry from Uppsala University in 2017. He effectively starts at Easymining in March 2018...
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Dezember 20, 2017

Easymining presents our technologies at Sweden’s first phosphorus network.

Easymining's CEO Jan Svärd, presents our technologies at Sweden's first phosphorus network arranged by Anders Finnson, Svenskt Vatten. Dec 2017. Read...
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Oktober 20, 2017

EasyMining attended the European Nutrient Event in Basel

The 18th-20th of october this year Easymining attended and had a stand at the European Nutrient Event in Basel. Read...
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Oktober 12, 2017

EasyMining was presenting the Ash2Phos technology at the NORDIWA conference in Aarhus

Yariv Cohen presented our Ash2phos concept at the NORDIWA conference in Aarhus the 11 of october. The interest was high for...
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