Easymining Sweden AB

2007: EasyMining Sweden was founded to commercialize the phosphorus extraction innovation CleanMAP, that was developed during several years of research performed by Dr Yariv Cohen, at SLU in Uppsala.

2008: New owners joined the company e.g. the owners of the large Swedish waste handling company, Ragn-Sells.

2009: Achieves funding from Vinnova for research and development regarding extraction of phosphorus from ash of incinerated sewage sludge. The research led to the development of the Ash2Phos process.

2010: A complementary patent is filed for the CleanMAP process that enables energy efficient production of clean water soluble MAP, mono-ammonium phosphate.

2011: Ragn-Sells is becoming a part owner in the company.

2012: Develops a process for and performs the first successful test with a process for recovery of phosphorus and REE (rare earth elements) using mine wastes as a source. Receives finance from Vinnova for a project to test the Ash2Phos project in a larger scale.

2013: Filing of another patent regarding CleanMAP process.

2014: Develops and patents our Ash2Phos process for phosphorus recovery from sewage sludge ashes. In March Ragn-Sells and private persons connected to Ragn-Sells acquires shares in the company becoming a majority owner. Easymining and Ragn-Sells are noted and interviewed in Sweden's Radio regarding phosphorus recovery from sewage sludge ash.

2015: Easymining starts a cooperation with Ragn-Sells to investigate how to extract salts from a wash solution that is achieved after washing fly ashes containing high chlorine content. In December, another circular solution is obtained when Easymining filed for the Ash2Salt patent.

2016: In May this year the Ash2Salt process is officially presented at the Ragn-Sells "future day", a seminar organized annually by Ragnar Sellberg Foundation. In November the company hires a new CEO, Jan Svärd with extensive experience from leading positions in the chemical industry.

2017: Participates in several conferences and connects with COWI as an engineering partner for the Ash2Phos process.