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Welcome to EasyMining Sweden AB

We sell unique technologies, efficient and profitable processes for the phosphorus industry

Energy and resource efficient patented processes for phosphate products, fertilizers and feed phosphates. Enabling new and established raw materials to be used.

Our processes and technologies for phosphorus can be used for processing fluor apatite and chlorapatite, ashes from sewage sludge, ash from slaughterhouse wastes etc. Valuable elements can be separated for further use and contaminants such as cadmium, arsenic etc. are removed and do not end up in the products.

CleanMAP® Technology
- energy efficient production of clean ammonium phosphate of highest quality

Processes for phosphorus containing ashes
- efficient phosphate recovery in form of high value products, ammonium-phosphate or as feed phosphates

Process for chlorapatite containing rare earth elements (REE) and arsenic etc. - high extraction rate for phosphorus and REE, removal of impurities

We sell licenses and rights to our patented technologies, processes and know-how for phosphate processing.

We also keep focus on industry wastes in order to develop and commercialize efficient processes for recycling of valuable materials and at the same time reduce disposal costs.

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If you have a commercial interest mail us at info(at) for more information.

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